TEDxBasel Talks #1 - Chris Darwa

We already promoted Esther Meduna talk last week on Facebook, due to the fact that her talk was highlighted on TEDxInnovations websiteand on TEDx Facebook Page. Now we are going to highlight, one by one, the talks that went on stage in TEDxBasel 2016.

Let's start with Chris Darwa. He is originally from Australia but has lived in Qatar, Germany and London before moving to Switzerland. He worked as a trainer in the fitness industry for 8 years before committing to stand up comedy and acting in London in 2012.

What does playing Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" on guitar have to do with your gym workout? In this funny talk, Chris Darwa explains how building musical proficiency and building one's body are similar tasks. Just don't mention Zumba.