Explore our library of TEDx Basel talks, all filmed independently throughout the course of our events. Our speakers cover a huge range of ideas and thoughts which they decided to share with us.

To help you navigate, the talks have been sorted by TEDx Basel event.

TEDxBasel 2018

TEDxBasel 2017 

TEDxBasel 2016 

In the spirit of Ideas worth spreading our TEDx Basel 2016 event took place on the 28th of May in the Musical Theater Basel. The room was packed with fascinating ideas, inspirational people and an enthusiastic audience. From an Auschwitz survivor's story to a personalised virtual reality experience, it was a day packed with new ideas and great people. To find out more about our speakers click here.

TEDxBasel 2015

TEDx Basel 2015 took place the Naturhistorisches Museum Basel on the 9th of May 2015. Our 200 plus guests were able to participate in 9 live talks including two performances. 
Our 9 speakers and performers, led the narrative of our theme Past, Present, Future in examining history, current developments and the future in a variety of topics: technology, urban planning, social interaction and personal and local stories. Our speakers and performers were a wonderful representation of the inspiring people, unique ideas and cutting edge developments that can be found in our city. Find out more about our speakers here.


Our first TEDx event was TEDxGundeldingen which took place on the 14th of November 2013. It was a full house that welcomed these 10 speakers to share their ideas. This first event was our inspiration to expand our outreach and set up TEDxBasel.