“Wonderful location, great talks and all around cool people"

"The mixture of past, present and future technologies and social interaction, coupled with the ballet and music performances, created another cultural experience."

"It was a great experience! I met so many interesting people, from the team, audience and speakers "

"Had a wonderful day at TEDxBasel. Feeling inspired and having tons of new ideas and plans "

Thank you to everyone who participated in TEDxBasel 2015.  

This event would not have been possible without the huge contributions made by our speakers, the volunteers and of course OUR PARTNERS, in particular our producing partners  i-net and Audiorent Clair AG.

A hugely informative and entertaining afternoon was had by 220 guests, who saw seven fascinating live talks, three TED videos, one wonderful fusion of dance and talk, and one musical performance. The event was moderated by Master of Ceremonies Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny

Our 9 speakers and performers, led the narrative of our theme Past, Present, Future in examining history, current developments and the future in a variety of topics: technology, urban planning, social interaction and personal and local stories. Our speakers and performers were a wonderful representation of the inspiring people, unique ideas and cutting edge developments that can be found in our city. Find out more about our speakers HERE



Our audience

Our guests were chosen from over 350 applicants, and represented a cross-section of the Basel community. Attendees were a mixture of Swiss natives and expatriates, ranging in age from 11 to over 70. They included scientists, artists, educators, economists, students, and professionals at every level, representing over 40 different fields.

Thank you to our photographers Konstantin Escher & Olivia Harmon. You can find all the photos of TEDxBasel in high resolution on our flickr page HERE


TagesWoche writer Thom Nagy was in our audience and wrote this review of TEDxBasel   Click HERE

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