TEDxBasel 2018 will take place on 26th May 2018 at the Musical Theater Basel 

Tickets are now on sale for a limited time only! Find out more about the event, including how to purchase tickets:


About Us

TEDxBasel is a 100% volunteer driven non-profit event. We rely on a large number of people to share their time, ideas and experience to help make our event a success.

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Get Involved

If you are interested in speaking, partnering, joining our team, or helping make this incredible event a reality, we'd love to hear from you. 

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Do you love music? Technology? Innovation? Creativity? Conversations? 

Every year TEDxBasel draws an array of speakers and performers, each offering an Idea Worth Spreading.  We believe in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. 

Some of the topics covered in previous years include What is Art?, Local Currency, Swarm Energy, Lasting Beauty vs. Fast Money, Overcoming Terrorism by Saving our Cultural Heritages, Big Data and Hospitals, Unconditional Basic Income, Unconscious Bias and much more.

All talks can be viewed here.


We partner with some of Basel and Switzerland's most innovative companies to bring TEDxBasel to life. Without them, it would not be possible. Find out more about who we partner with in our events section, and contact us to find out how you can become a partner.


Previous Speakers

For information about this year's speakers, check out our TEDxBasel 2018 event page here.