We are a TEDx event held by the youth of Basel for the youth of Basel. The event is going to take place on the

2nd of February 2019 in Basel.

Be active. Make a change!

TED talks are all about spreading ideas and interest. Our theme is meant to be a wake up call for the youth not just to show interest, but as well to actively participate in shaping our future. The talks we will be featuring all are in different and fascinating ways linked to our theme: They make you rethink your own perspectives and and will open your eyes a bit more to the difficulties we, as the youth are facing. During the event we will give you multiple opportunities to get active and inform yourself about options on where to get active in Basel. Prepare to be stunned!


The speakers

Stay tuned for further information!

Want to get active? Become a speaker! An ambassador! A volunteer! Join the team.

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The team

Julia Pressner


Julia is our newcomer, but she’s been motivated from the beginning on. She has a lot to do, and TEDxYouthBasel has to fit in somewhere between her ballet pracice and the European Youth Parliament, she’s participating in. Somehow she still manages to help us out with a lot of different tasks, like emailing venues or possible speakers.

Hannah Oehry


Hannah is by far the most creative part of the team. She designs shirts, hoodies and bags as well as takes care of the layout of the student magazine Cerisier. Being part of the team from the beginning on, she is one of our head organizers and makes sure that the teams creativeness never dies, whilst taking care of our visuals.

Christian Dimitrov


Christian is always up and running, rushing from one meeting to another. He’s good with numbers and therefore leads the finance department of one of the biggest student magazines in Basel. As one of the head organizers of TEDxYouthBasel, he always keeps a cool head and is our “master of communication”.