Long time no post...

Dear TEDxBasel friends, after one month of few communications you may start to think that we forgot about you. You can relax, we sure haven't. 

The aftermath of the event was a "roller-coaster meets carousel" of amazement, thankfulness, stress, relief, tiredness, wrapping-up and start moving towards next year. We were busy and after that, we were resting a bit. But rest assured that we are still proud and thankful of our event and having you as our friends, supporters, audience and ambassadors.

Like I said before, we are putting next year in motion and we have some cool ideas "baking". Before that, we want to let you know that the videos of the talks are being produces as we write this post and we expect to have a couple of them to show in the next weeks. While they don't arrive we can check this year's photos on the link posted earlier.

Happy to meet you again and keep following us.