TEDxBasel Talks #8 - Liz Lian

All TEDxBasel speakers are special, but Liz adds a bit more "specialness" to it. You don't know this, but we only met Liz on the day of the event. And that happened because she was the winner of the 3 minutes Pop-Up Talks that we created for everyone in Basel.

So as winner she was invited to go on the main stage without further preparation or coaching by our team. She describes the whole experience in this blog post. And the truth is that she was amazing.

Her talk's idea is that it takes a village to raise a child, but the problem is that few of us live in villages anymore. So Liz Lian tackles the isolation of modern parenting and encourages us to create modern villages to help us be happier parents. 

Liz Lian is passionate about empowering parents and kids to build purpose-driven networks. She works at this daily as a social entrepreneur, writer and mother. 

She worked previously as an education catalyst and information technology consultant. Liz holds degrees from MIT and INSEAD.