TEDxBasel is part of the global community of TED ("Technology, Entertainment, Design"). As a nonprofit organization, its objective is to spread good and important ideas with its events and on the web. For the development of its activities, TEDxBasel is seeking an intern.

We offer you the unique opportunity to be part of an exciting team to ensure its success and sustainability. The ideal candidates will be highly capable and both relational and task oriented. We only work with really nice people who have a passion for TED and a broad interest in the world.

March-End of May 2019

The ideal candidate will support digital marketing and operational activities within the TEDxBasel team. In addition to having a passion for TED and a broad interest in the world, s/he should be comfortable working in a startup-like environment, be reliable (yes means yes), up to date with the latest social media trends and strategies, and perform with integrity, as well as a sense of humour. Great candidates will be highly organised, find joy in detail, efficiency, and quality.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Weekly check-in with TEDxBasel Marketing & Communications team and managing content gathering and distribution across social media channels 

  • Working closely with Project Manager to support overall planning and support of TEDxBasel operations;

  • Attendance, planning and documentation support at key team meetings (1-2/month);

  • Internal and external communication support within team and volunteer community;

  • Updating and maintenance of team documents and systems.

What you bring:

  • Excellent digital marketing, communication, and organisational skills;

  • Excellent capacity to learn quickly, think on the fly and self teach as required. You’re not afraid to give it a Google;

  • Proactive and goal oriented; it isn't in your nature to leave a question unanswered or a task unfinished;

  • Time commitment: ±4 hours/week.


  • Access to the global TED community and local network of professionals;

  • Opportunity to develop, nurture and grow “other or hidden” talents within yourself;

  • Attend TEDxBasel annual event, team wrap party, and additional year-round benefits,

  • Participation on a creative team that is shaping and bridging the Basel landscape.

TEDxBasel only works with really nice people whose goals align with volunteering for the organisation. We are looking for people with strong roots in Basel.

Interested candidates should submit a statement of interest to daisy@tedxbasel.ch