Why do I have to register?
Due to limited space at the venue for TEDxBasel 2017, we have an registration process to ensure that we have an enthusiastic and diverse audience. We hope that this audience will make a strong contribution to the TEDx community and the ideas which will be presented and discussed on June 11th.

How do I register?
Help us get to know you by filling in the registration form found on our home page. Registration is open, while space is available. 

I can't submit my form. What's wrong?
Please contact us at registration@tedxbasel.ch if you have trouble completing our registration form.

Who should attend?
People who are passionate and enthusiastic about sharing their ideas and learning about others'. Apart from our speakers, the energy that the audience brings is what makes our conference special. TEDxBasel brings together a diverse group from different fields of expertise.

Do I have to fill everything in?
We review each registration.  Please take the time to give us a good picture of who you are and why you are interested in attending. Please take some time to think about each question, how you answer will help you have the best possible TEDx experience.

Why 69 CHF?
While the entire TEDxBasel team works for free, organizing the event generates costs – from venue rental to audio visual support. To cover these costs, we work with partners and ask for a participation fee from you. We are sure that an exciting day of idea sharing, inspiration, and the chance to meet new people will be worth it.

Once I register when do I have to pay?
When you finish the registration you will automatically be directed to payment.

How do I pay?
You will be able to pay via a secure credit card payment platform.

Can I select my seat in advance?
Seats are not assigned, you can choose your seat when the doors open for the sessions. We will encourage our audience to sit by new people each session to optimize the opportunities to network and exchange ideas.

When will the speakers be announced?
TEDxBasel does not release the full speaker line up before the event. We believe that it's not only the individual talks which constitutes the TEDx experience. Also we believe in the power of the unexpected. You can look forward to some being announced a few weeks before the event. Rest assured you will not want to miss the ideas on our stage. 

What language is the event in?
This year's event will be in English.

Can I register for more than one spot at a time? 
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Each person must register to attend individually. 

Can children attend?
TEDxBasel is open to anyone 13 and over. 

What if I can no longer attend? Is my registration transferable?
Unfortunately conference registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please bring an ID with you to the event.